Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Flash of Fun From Tebow Versus Vandy

A win's a win. Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer have been saying that since... well, it feels like since Week 1.

I'm not sure "style points" matter anymore -- if they ever did (or if they had, if they would have applied last night). I'm not quite sure I have ever witnessed a game so thoroughly dominated by one team that didn't also feel so dominating.

Maybe it was all those sacks, I don't know. That was certainly the most glaring problem.

But that's not the image of the game that I'm going to remember. The frozen moment for me was on Tebow's last play of the game, that brilliant 64-yard pass play to Aaron Hernandez.

Immediately afterward, Tebow turned to the sideline grinning -- amusingly pleading for ONE more play, knowing full well he wasn't going to get it. This was football as fun.

It was the first look of playfulness I had seen on Tebow's face all game. It has been a rare sight for the past month, maybe even the past season.

It was a great reminder: "A win's a win" is not just a perfectly acceptable philosophy -- it is the ultimate philosophy. Everything else is secondary.

How nice was it to see Tebow in a typically earnest moment of simply loving to play the game. It may be my favorite Tebow moment of the season so far.

More later.

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  1. I wholly agree -- that grin has been missing! Too business-like, too little apparent of the passion so obvious these past three seasons.

    It was my favorite moment, too -- glad you wrote about it.