Sunday, November 29, 2009

Favorite Tebow Swamp Finale Photo

I'm torn about picking a favorite photo from Tim Tebow's finale at The Swamp.

Contender 1 (from the AP):

This one, from the pregame ceremony, captures everything that defines Tebow: Faith (eye-black totally visible), family (hugging mom), football (uniform on) -- and the connection he has with the fans (looking up into the crowd). You can see how emotionally overwhelmed he is by the mixture of the hug from his mom and the cheers from the fans.

Contender 2 (from the G'ville Sun):

This one -- from the final seconds of the day's emotional intensity -- personifies Tebow's connection to the fans: The last thing he does as he exits the stadium is to do the Gator Chomp to the crowd. He isn't just the best player in Florida football history; he might also be the program's biggest fan.

(h/t to the Palm Beach Post's Ben Volin for capturing the best photos from the day in a terrific photo gallery at his Gator Bytes blog.)


  1. I'm going to have such a hard time picking a photo for a new wallpaper, but i'm not changing the current one till after bowl season, waaay too supersticious!

    What's your wallpaper Dan?

  2. I like your comments on the first photo.

    It is endearing to the fans when a player really loves the team he plays for!