Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Are Tim Tebow and Florida "Bored?" Hardly

Kirk Herbstreit suggested that Florida was "bored" after winning two national titles in three years.

I would disagree. Most of all, I would say they are as focused as any football team in the country has ever been. The expectations of another national title have made this team all-business.

No other college football program in the country is run as professionally as Florida -- and I mean that admiringly. It is a hallmark of Urban Meyer's system: Treat this game seriously.

It's not boredom. It's professionalism. (No different than a high-level college journalist honing his skills by producing the campus newspaper in as professionalized a way as possible.)

The team is struggling -- either in perception or reality -- for a couple of factors that have been covered thoroughly: No Harvin-like playmaker, plugging holes on the O-line, opposing defenses having a better understanding of Florida's offense, Steve Addazio's play-calling.

Note that no one seems to think that the defense -- which is the best in the country -- is playing like it is "bored." Again: They are playing the game like it is a business. They are taking it seriously.

Teams that combine talent with a professionalized mindset are the ones that set themselves up to win three national titles in four years. The rest may look like they are "having fun."

They are also losing.

Florida players are serious because they haven't met their goal. We will see how "bored" the team looks after they win the national title again.

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