Saturday, October 17, 2009

Would You Bet On Tim Tebow?

Forgive the sparse posting yesterday. I have been in Las Vegas for a conference -- my first time here, actually.

I just wandered past my hotel's sports book, where Florida is a 25-point favorite over Arkansas, and it begs the question: Would I bet on Tim Tebow?

Not existentially -- but with my cold, hard cash?

The answer was surprisingly easy: No way.

It's actually a no-win proposition: If I bet on Tebow and think the Gators will win by more than 25 points, I may find myself disappointed with a 20-point win. If I bet on Arkansas to lose by less than 25 points, I may find myself disappointed with a 30-point rout.

No judgments, but I can't imagine how anyone bets on their own team, unless they are doing it straight up. (But at a 25-point spread, a straight-up bet would net me pennies for my dollar.)

At least for me, better to leave it be and not mix my fandom with my urge to correctly predict college football games more nationally.

1 comment:

  1. Think half full.

    Bet on ARK, Florida wins by 14; you have money to party tonight.