Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tim Tebow's Final Homecoming

"Let's do it again. I'm coming back!"

That was Tim Tebow, declaring his intention to return for his senior season at Florida.

He did it because he liked his platform as college football's most popular player of all time. He did it because he wanted to lead Florida to its first undefeated season ever. He did it because he wanted to work on his game for the NFL.

And he did it because he loves college, loves his life at college and loves the University of Florida.

That makes Tebow's final homecoming game bittersweet. It's not quite the same as his final game at The Swamp -- "homecoming" has always been a little more about the formal pomp.

But it is one more milestone in Tebow's final year at Florida.

As a huge Florida fan himself, Tebow has a natural affection for traditions like homecoming -- I don't think the moment will be lost on him, even if he can't wander among the tailgates like he will in future seasons, as a returning alum.

It's not like Tebow needs a whole lot of extra motivation, but wherever he finds it -- in dispelling the claim that he is now a "game manager" QB (even if Tebow himself supports the theory), in reclaiming his pre-concussion focus -- it will carry the subtext that this is his final homecoming game as a student.

I'm sure the University Alumni Association has its own countdown until Tebow becomes a donation-making graduate.

Arkansas has been a perky team this season -- its offense, led by Ryan Mallett, is very good (although they have never seen a D like this before). But its defense is not very good, and Tebow and Co. should find plenty of opportunities to dazzle the crowd.


  1. Yeah. I think we were all a bit taken aback by this one. A win's a win and all, but still... I'd pegged this game as this year's potential Ole Miss. Glad I wasn't 100% right. And who was greasing the danged football during the first half?!

  2. I was having flashbacks to last year's Ole Miss game! Even worse, I kept thinking about Homecoming games against Auburn (that's the Pat Sullivan Auburn team, if you please!) that were absolute nightmares for the Gator Nation way back in the day! As Sherry said, a win IS a win, but that one aged me quite a bit!