Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tim Tebow vs. Ryan Mallett

Who is the 2nd-best QB in the SEC? With Jevan Snead's collapse -- and Arkansas' break-out passing game -- it has to be Razorbacks QB Ryan Mallett.

Let's go one step further: I think that Mallett will be judged the better NFL prospect -- perhaps among the best NFL QB prospects in college football. (Yes, including Sam Bradford.) Mallett is like a taller Matt Stafford with an even better arm.

But Mallett is no Tebow -- don't let it escape you that in the Sporting News' latest NFL Mock Draft, they have Tim Tebow going 9th overall (within projections of Tebow going in the Top 10). Good news: 2nd QB taken. Bad news: To the Raiders. Ugh.

Remember when everyone thought Louisville's Brian Brohm was the best NFL prospect in college football -- then he came back to school instead of going into the draft and his stock collapsed.

Mallett -- coached by Brohm's old mentor, Bobby Petrino -- will see that, see what happened to Sam Bradford this season, see how much money Matt Stafford made and skedaddle into the NFL after this season (as a redshirt sophomore, he is eligible).

Anyway, all that adds up to an intriguing match-up between Mallett and Tebow this weekend. Of course, Tebow gets to play against Arkansas' soft defense, and Mallett will be challenged by what could turn out to be the best defense in the history of college football. Good luck with that.

With 48 hours until Florida-Arkansas, check out Jeremy Fowler's insightful tale-of-the-tape between Tebow and Mallett.

I'm in Las Vegas -- for the first time ever, actually -- for a sports-blog conference. Don't think I won't be talking up and you terrific readers as the future of sports media.

More a little later.

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  1. They were just talking about a potential feud between Tebow and Colt McCoy on ESPN First Take. McCoy made some little comment in an article about how he and Tebow weren't best buddies after meeting at the Heisman ceremony and Skip Bayless, and I believe Pat Forde, were trying to figure out where this came from. I have a couple theories. 1. Last season McCoy was mocking Tebow in an interview saying that "maybe Tim Tebow wore Colt McCoy pajamas" because McCoy was supposedly "out-Tebowing" Tebow because he was racking up a lot of stats against weak Big12 defenses. I would have been POed if I was Tebow the way McCoy was saying it.

    Another possibility that could explain a feud was that Tebow made some comment at the end of last season that seemed derogatory about the BIG12 or at the very minimum BIG12 defenses. Maybe McCoy and Bradford took this personally. But I also believe Tebow tried to clarify that comment he made about the BIG12 and said he didn't mean it to be negative.