Friday, October 2, 2009

Tim Tebow vs. John Brantley for LSU Game

Capturing a lot what I've been arguing all week:

"[B]ecause of Tebow's current condition, there is no difference between he and Brantley in terms of who is most qualified to play against LSU. Brantley lacks Tebow's experience and intensity, Tebow lacks Brantley's preparation and health. For that, Brantley needs to start against LSU, with Tebow in uniform but only appearing in a relief appearance."

-- Alligator Army, with the practical argument for why John Brantley should start.

(My only quibble: Tebow shouldn't even appear in relief, even if Brantley goes down with injury or is plagued by ineffectiveness. The Gators' RB-heavy system will hedge any QB ineffectiveness.) Read AA's whole post.

There will be a LOT more on Brantley next week. It sounds like Tebow will return to practice next week, in some form or another. (The whole "ahead of schedule" meme.) But I project Brantley will still be getting the starter's reps at practice.

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