Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tim Tebow And The Offensive Imperative

Lots of talk -- tons of talk -- about the situation with Tim Tebow and the Florida offense right now.

He's running too much.
He's taking too many sacks.
Too many turnovers.

Most of these have been debunked: Of his 21 non-sack rushes on Saturday, he still went for nearly 5 yards per carry. Yeah, the pass-protection is problematic, but Florida is still a national leader in passing efficiency. Yeah, WAY too many turnovers. Although, to Tebow's own point, "6-0."

My Yahoo Dr. Saturday column about Tebow
this week attempts to point out that the most important play of the win over Arkansas was not any of Tebow's runs or the career-best TD pass to Thompson or the 3rd-and-10 to Cooper or the turnovers or the game-winning field goal.

It was the run on 1st and goal at the Arkansas 10-yard-line by Jeff Demps -- a scamper around the left side into the end zone, to tie the game at 20 and take away Arkanasas' momentum.

Why was this so revealing? Because I will guarantee you that EVERYONE -- including Arkansas -- figured it was "Tebow Time." Tebow up the gut, however many times it took to punch it in.

That the Gators went to Demps -- a big-play, TD-manufacturing machine -- especially on 1st down showed that they aren't nearly as Tebow-dependent as it looked (or looks) like.

Tebow is the most critical player on the team (even if I'm curious if this team could be good enough to win every game even with John Brantley at QB), but Jeff Demps has proven himself to be worthy of the adjective "Harvinesque."

Florida can't win with Tebow alone, as much as we'd all theoretically like to see it tried. Instead, enjoy the fact that your pulse races just as much when you see Demps get the ball.

Check out the complete column here.

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  1. Dan, you have it wrong. They are Tebow dependent. Just as you said.. everyone in the building thought Tebow was going to run it at that point. Because, at that point of the game, unlike the first half of the Game, Meyer wasn't trying to prevent Tebow from running to protect him because of the concussion. This is why the offense came to life when Meyer started running designed plays with Tebow running.

    So the reality is that the only reason Demps was open for that run to get that touchdown was because of all the defensive pressure Tebow was drawing by running so much at that moment. Without Tebow running you see how poor our runners are. If Tebow wasn't a great passer on top of his running ability NO ONE on the Gators would be able to run.. not even Tebow.