Friday, October 30, 2009

Tim Tebow and Lil Wayne: "Grim Reflow"

In case you hadn't heard, Tim Tebow enjoyed a name-check in a new Lil Wayne version of "DOA."

Because there is nothing Tebow-related I won't intrepidly report, I tracked down the song lyrics -- and the couplet in which Tebow appears. Here you go:
Yeah, Young Nino [n-word],I do it for my team Tim Tebow [n-word]
I’m killing this [s***] grim reflow [n-word]
So there you have it: If you have been grasping for a rhyme for "Tim Tebow," the correct answer is "Grim Reflow."

UPDATE: I stand corrected? Via Twitter, @tomas_verde suggests that, given the context, the phrase was "grim reap-flow." Anyone have a definitive answer?

Somehow, I doubt you'll see this referenced on Tebow's eye-black ("LIL" on the right, "DOA" on the left. Ummm.... No.)


  1. "Grim Reap flow n!gga." Not Grim Reflow. Get gully, son.

  2. seriously. why would he say grim reflow...

  3. Yeah, I'm with the above two.

    Also, no one is ever right about lyrics, unless they take the time to do it right.

  4. Both Daniel and Dustin are correct. Also, you're welcome for the story.

    - Adam :-D

  5. Is Lil Wayne a Tebow fan? I thought he picked OU for the national championship before the game?

  6. "Because there is nothing Tebow-related I won't intrepidly report..."

    Hahaha! I'm enjoying both the more substantive posts and the trivia.