Monday, October 12, 2009

Tebow vs. LSU Post-Script: Good Enough

I agree with Yahoo's Matt Hinton: It is disingenuous to suggest that Tim Tebow was "superhuman" against LSU -- that it was Tebow's efforts that carried Florida to the win.

Was it impressive (even thrilling) to see Tebow take the field -- at all -- just two weeks after his concussion? Absolutely.

But as long as Florida's defense was shutting down LSU -- limiting them to 3 points and effectively zero offense -- it seems wild-eyed to suggest that, say, John Brantley couldn't have led Florida's offense to the more than 3 points necessary to win the game.

I'm with Urban Meyer: There was a bit of "courageous" in Tebow for playing the entire game -- even after a (justifiably) tentative start, making a few key plays himself in the 2nd half.

But let's not confuse Tebow's performance with WHY Florida win: It was the defense, which is not just the best in the country this season, but sizes up as among the best of all time.

Tim Tebow doesn't have to be Superman -- not with this defense.

At least for now, that's probably for the best.


  1. Dan, I just do't agree.. Tebow ran 17 times in that fame.. a LSU Linebacker said Tebow was UNBELIEVABLE.. and that they had to watch him on every play. Even that pass where Cooper scored a TD wa spartially setup by Tebow's running.. ALL of that helped the Gaotrs win. The only thing Tebow playing conservatively really did was prevent them from padding the point toal... it was still Tebow's dominance that gave them the edge in that game. Playing conservatively just allowed Tebow to take a little elss punishment and kept the game in doubt a little more. But if Tebow had to he could have score more. For once the Gators ate up clock like everyone does to them. But it was still Tebow's efficiency that won out.

  2. Like you, I don't mind when Tebow gets credit he's due and boy does he get TONS of credit and I love it. However, the defense was definitely the biggest reason for the win in that game. I'm still uncertain about our offensive capabilities and hope Coach Meyer has something up his sleeve to get it cranking (other than our superb running.)

  3. Dan,

    I agree with you that Brantley could have 'managed' the Offense well enough to win the game and the Defense, like many thought before the year began, would be the true dominant side of the ball.

    However, something in the offense is nagging me, and it goes back well before the concussion. To place blame, which is the wrong term to use, I am looking at the overall Offense play calling and schemes. It seems to me that we are resembling the Offense of the early Meyer years. Now, we obviously won a MNC with that Offense but we did not have the talent we do today. I recall many in Gator Nation scratching our heads about Dan Mullen's play calling for the first year or two. Obviously that all got straightened out and for 2+ years we saw great creativity and ingenuity. Maybe we are seeing some of the same grwoing pains with Adazzio now calling the plays or the fact that injury and attrition at the WR position has really hurt us, but I still see this Offense as to 'vanilla'. We are not stretching the field and we seem to have forgotten the great crossing routes that the spread is famous for. You can't tell me that watching a Riley Cooper streak down the field while Demps and Jacobs run crossing routes won't scare the crap out of Defenses? Add in Aaron Hernandez filling the middle of the field as LB's scramble to keep up with the speedsters.

    This week, against a creative Offense in Arkansas, could be our biggest test. I hope we are not resting on our laurels because you can bet Petrino would LOVE to be this year's Ole Miss.

    I know this wasn't very Tebow related, but it seems you are branching out as well :)