Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tebow Update: "TeBye Week"

Who else feels like they need the bye week -- if only to take a breather from the insanity over the past 7 days? Consider: A week ago right now, things were VERY different.

Today, let's sit back and scout next week's opponent: LSU, in a prove-it game at Georgia (following last week's shoulda-lost at Mississippi State).

There will be plenty of time tomorrow -- and the rest of next week -- to obsess over will he/won't he (and should he/shouldn't he), plus Brantley-Watching, game-planning and overall mania.

The bye week is not just a rest/recovery day for the team, before the season gets REALLY intense -- it's a good Saturday off for fans, too. This year, more than ever.

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