Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tebow Update: No Decision Until... When?

It is obvious that Urban Meyer and Florida's medical staff won't make a decision about Tim Tebow's status until late next week -- perhaps even gameday.

John Brantley's dad has the same idea, per the Orlando Sentinel: "I wouldn't be surprised if they take it all the way until game time."

The primary reason is, of course, it will be tough enough to figure out Tebow's readiness in the full 14 days from the concussion, let alone a moment sooner.

The secondary reason is strategic: It wouldn't do Florida any good to reveal to LSU which QB will be playing -- the systems they run will be distinct, so why not make LSU burn limited practice time prepping for an offensive set they won't see?

I stick by my assessment: For all his inexperience, John Brantley is exceptionally talented -- when combined with UF's defense, RBs and special teams, Brantley is talented enough to lead the Gators to a win. (Yes: Even on the road at LSU, something that not even Tebow has done.)

That's all he needs to be: Good enough. That's how good the rest of the team is.

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  1. I will say that teams can play above their heads in situations like this when a star goes down. They can raise their level of play for a brief period of time and make you not notice that stars absence as much.. AND it can be difficult to know how to attack a etam you haven't faced before -- a Brantley led team.

    BUT... STILL I think you are dramatically undervaluing Tebow's impact. People think the Gators are so great even without Tebow.. you forget how in the Alabama game, the national championship.. and many other games -- like the Tennessee game -- the Gators look like a one man show. People assume this is because Tebow isn't a pure pocket passer.. I think this is dead wrong.. it's because the Gators use the spread offense AND because they don't have a conventional running game. Without Tebow you would see how incredibly weak the Gators running game is.. AND more importantly how that would impact the Gators receivers.