Monday, October 5, 2009

Tebow Update: LSU Game Week Kickoff

Wow, last week felt like it went on forever, didn't it?

And while Tim Tebow is presumably recovering nicely from his concussion -- "ahead of schedule," per Urban -- there are a couple of essential unknowns... and possibly unknowables:

*Will Tebow be recovered -- or recovered enough (presuming there is no magic "100 percent recovered" diagnosis from any reputable doctor) -- to be cleared to play against LSU?

*If Tebow isn't cleared, what does the projection look like of when he WILL be cleared? Arkansas week? More? (Secondarily: How does Brantley size up in preparing to start at LSU?)

*If Tebow is cleared, to what extent is he cleared to play -- can he not run, not run headfirst, not take a sack? (Begs the question: If Tebow can't play like Tebow, is he really "recovered?")

That last point is huge: It was Urban himself who said Florida won't play him "'til Tim is Tim." Well, not being able to run 12-15 times per game if necessary -- and headfirst -- is not "Tim."


Alligator Army kicks off LSU game week by calling this "The Most Important Week of Tim Tebow's Career." It is certainly the most uncertain -- there may be no status until Saturday.

The post is worth a read, broken into three scenarios: (1) "Tebow plays, Florida wins"; (2) "Tebow plays, Florida loses"; (3) "Tebow doesn't play."

I would layer on top of that the most critical hypothetical of all: "Win OR lose, what if Tebow exacerbates the concussion?"

That is the thought that has me cringing at the thought of him playing -- let alone taking any kind of hit.

(Remember that it was a freak knee to the head by his own teammate that triggered the concussion, not the hit from the lineman -- even if Florida offensive linemen commit penalty after penalty to avoid Tebow getting hit, what's to stop the freak play -- like last week?)

-- D.S.

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  1. did you guys ever play football? jeez, tim will be tim this week,he may try some of that lets not run, like he did the first four games last year until mullen got his head out of his ass, but we will be fine this week. if tt can not go, and that is a big if, the team will man up and we will be good. lsu is either the lower half or last in most statistical catagories in the sec and they have played basically the same caliber teams. you all to stop stressing out over this.