Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tebow Thought of Day: Game Manager, Cont'd

With all this talk about Tebow-as-"game-managing" QB and the emphasis on Florida's punishing ground game to go with its dominating D, it looks like Tebow will come a lot closer to resembling Nebraska's legendary Tommie Frazier this year than we would have thought in the preseason.

Frazier, too, led a punishing, dominating running game (with, by the way, an effective and underrated passing TD rate: 18 TDs, 6 INTs... to go with his 16 rushing TDs and 7.1 ypc average) combined with the best defense in the country. Sound familiar?

And consider that -- relying on the steamroller run game, a magnificently skilled "game-manager" QB and a dominating D -- those Frazier Nebraska teams of '94 and '95 are considered the greatest of all time. (At least, for now.)

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  1. Comparing Tebow to Tommy Frazier seems like an accurate analogy but it really isn't.

    The difference is that Tebow runs between the tackels and creates all the offense for his runners. Tommy Frazier was benefiting from great runners he played with. Frazier was a game manager.. Tebow is carrying his team.. Tebow "managing" the game such as in the LSU game just means he doesn't blow teams out by 30 points.. he scores enough points to win. So, for Tebow, playing conservatively simply means not running up the score for the fun of it.