Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tebow Recovery: "Ahead of Schedule"

Tim Tebow is "ahead of schedule" in his recovery from Saturday's concussion.

That's from a tweet from the Orlando Sentinel, citing unnamed team sources.

Now, you never know what's truth, what's spin, what's meant to get into Les Miles' head, what's meant to set up what will inevitably be a controversial decision to play (or not play) him....

Still: Let's take it at face value, and let's stick with the important point:

It matters less that he is ahead of schedule as it relates to playing again than he is ahead of schedule in recovery, for its own sake.

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  1. I think you underestimate the Gator fans, the coaches and the medical staff.

    Tim Tebow has given Gator Nation his heart & soul. I don't think anyone wishes for anything else except to have a speedy recovery and a long career, and if it as the expense of our season or his heisman - so be it. It is insulting to the fine medical staff at UF and Shands to insinuate otherwise.