Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tebow Recognizes Value of Game Manager

"We just have to manage. A big part of my job is to manage, put the offense in good situations, get first downs and be very conservative with turnovers. We'll be putting our team in a position to win."

-- Tim Tebow, on the conversion of Florida's offense from "good gosh-amighty" to "good enough." This quote speaks to the heart of my analysis from yesterday about Tebow as "game manager."

More from Tebow on this subject -- essentially supporting my thesis that Urban Meyer's "Plan to Win" doesn't necessarily involve huge performances from Tebow:

"This team is a little different than in the past. We know it's OK if we drive the ball down [then punt] and put our defense in good position. Not many teams are going to drive 90 yards against our defense. We want to play great defense, have zero turnovers, score in the red zone and win the kicking game. That's our plan to win. If we do that, we're going to win a lot of games."

Now, let's be clear: That doesn't mean that Tebow can't or won't have a big role -- it just means he will pick his spots: A drive-sustaining first-down plunge here, a timely pitch to Demps for a red-zone TD there... but, more than anything, simply chewing up the clock, grinding down defenses and limiting turnovers.

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