Monday, October 12, 2009

Tebow Quote of the Day: Steve Young

"He was also encouraging me not to push it and different things that would help, as far as sleeping, just resting your mind, doing things, not pushing it. Something big he said, what I do is you always want to go run a sprint, see how it feels. Well, then you’re taking a little step back. He said, ‘Just take time off, and then when they say do your tests, then you’re OK. Don’t keep testing yourself.’ And that was something, I’m kind of a competitor, so I like to do that. But just let yourself rest and you’ll be back soon enough."

-- Tim Tebow, today discussing the impact of conversations with Steve Young last week. The No. 1 obstacle for Tebow to overcome against LSU was going to be his own default setting to "push it." If he can harness that appropriately, he may not be the same "Tebow Smash!" as before the concussion, but he will probably be a more effective and complete quarterback.

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