Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tebow Quote of the Day: Robbie Andreu

"When he comes back from his concussion (and it could be as soon as the LSU game this week), that big, veteran offensive line needs to take care of Tebow like never before. No blown assignments, no sacks, no blindside sacks on the quarterback. Whatever it takes, hold if you have to, but keep Tebow on his feet and away from as much contact as possible. There's no question, those fast, physical SEC defenses see Tebow as a target now. The coaching staff can do its part by taking some of the running responsibility off Tebow's plate. Tebow's the guy, and the Gators obviously need him to reach Atlanta."

-- Gainesville Sun beat reporter Robbie Andreu, on why "Protecting the Franchise" (Tebow) is the Gators' No. 1 priority for the rest of the season.

I have a couple of questions about this:

Quote: "Whatever it takes, hold if you have to, but keep Tebow on his feet and away from as much contact as possible."

Question: If the offensive line has to commit penalty after penalty in order to make sure that Tebow doesn't get hit -- presumably because Andreu is concerned about the effects to Tebow if he does get hit -- isn't that a tiny indication that Tebow might not be ready to come back? Getting hit is a reality for any QB -- if Tebow can't take a hit anymore, that is a HUGE problem.

Quote: "Tebow's the guy, and the Gators obviously need him to reach Atlanta."

Question: Obviously? Really? Sure, with a healthy Tebow, Florida is one of the great teams of all time... but isn't it possible that with Brantley playing in his place, Florida is still so stacked -- on defense, with RBs, on special teams, with coaching brilliance -- that they can still win every game the rest of the way? They'll be favored in them, even without Tebow. LSU is the toughest remaining game before Atlanta -- if Florida can win at LSU without Tebow, do they really need him to reach Atlanta? I don't think so.

Very important caveat: I'm NOT saying that Florida isn't better with a healthy Tebow than without him -- obviously, they are.

What I am saying is limited to the very specific point Andreu references: Tebow playing isn't a precondition for Florida getting to Atlanta. If Tebow's season ended last week at Kentucky -- ack! god forbid! -- the Gators would still be favored to reach Atlanta. Even without Tebow. They are just that loaded.

I am as enthusiastic as everyone else that Tebow be fully recovered and help this team fulfill it's "all-time great" potential. But it is a testament to just how good this team is that even without Tebow, they could still march unbeaten into Atlanta -- and beyond.


  1. Dan.. if the Gators are so loaded then how do you explain Tennessee? How do you explain the Alabama game and the National Championship game? Seemed like Tebow was carrying them completely in all those games..

  2. Dan, somewhere in the past week you have undermined the importance of having an experienced QB in the SEC. Yes, Brantley is really good. Really, really good. But we haven't even seen him start a game yet. (Believe me, you don't want your first career start to be at LSU at night.) Alabama has done well with McElroy so far this year, even looking better than last year. But he was a big question mark going into the season. The same must go for Brantley. He IS a big question mark right now. We simply don't know. Don't hate on Andreu for thinking that way.