Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tebow Quote of the Day: On Herschel

"It has been an honor to even be mentioned with Herschel. It is very humbling and I’m sure when I sit back and think about I’ll realize how cool it is. To be able to break the record against Georgia would be extra-special."

-- Tim Tebow, on the opportunity to break Herschel Walker's SEC record for career rushing touchdowns... ironically, against Walker's Georgia Bulldogs this weekend. (h/t: Only Gators)


We will dig into the Tebow-Walker dynamic later in the week, but -- given the superlative-driven, history-making nature of Tebow's season (which has gotten lost in the crazy of the last month) -- this record-breaking moment is a big deal... and not just for the symbolism.

If there is one player who has more cred than Tebow among "Greatest College Football Player of All Time" contenders, it is Herschel Walker, who enjoys an on-field mythology as great as any player in college football history. Topping Walker's record would be a huge notch in the Tebow-GOAT argument.


  1. Should we even be having a Tebow GOAT argument at this point?

    His play this year has been far from GOAT. Sure, we can blame the concussion, we can blame the skill players or offensive line around him, but those are the reality that influence his performance on the field which has been good, but not great.

    Of course, the bottom line is that winning the championship is the strongest argument he can make for GOAT status followed closely by a Heisman, but if he doesn't play better in the process and the defense and special teams carries them, his GOAT status is definitely in jeopardy. Not talking to the media didn't help his "persona" either.

    Another worthwhile column/blog post might be about how his shaky play is influencing his NFL draft status.

  2. It's hard to take this record too seriously, considering that HW's 5 Sugar Bowl TDs were not counted (the NCAA only started counting bowl stats towards records recently), HW never played in an SECC, only played 11 games a season, and did it in three years.