Friday, October 9, 2009

Tebow LSU Pick: Won't Play, Gators Win Anyway

Tim Tebow will be on the sidelines, in uniform, for tomorrow night's game at LSU. He will be cleared to play. He will be roaming the sidelines, inspiring his teammates. He will act as an assistant QB coach, talking John Brantley through the game.

And Tebow will not play.

The goal will be to do enough to beat LSU without needing to call on Tebow.

And John Brantley will be good enough -- limited mistakes, thanks to an offensive game plan intentionally designed to keep Brantley from trying to do too much.

Florida's defense will be spectacular -- worthy of its best-in-the-nation designation. Florida's special teams will be key, particularly in winning field-position battles. Florida's RBs will carry the load -- Jeff Demps is a TD machine. Surprise players will take direct snaps.

Tim Tebow is the best player on Florida's team. He is the best player in college football. He may even be the best player in college football history.

And even still, Florida will beat LSU at LSU...without Tebow.

Florida 27, LSU 16

That Florida could beat LSU at LSU without Tebow: What does that say about Tebow? What does that say about this team? Plenty of time to talk about that next week.

Put your own game predictions -- a score, how you think the Tebow scenario will play out -- in the comments.

More posts up until gametime, as developments demand.


  1. What is the probability that they take the reins of Brantley and he throws for 300+?

  2. Gators 31
    Tigers 17

    Tebow plays.

    Dan Shanoff claims victory regardless of actual result on field.

    Internet commenters continue to hold him in contempt, following the lead of anyone with half a pulse.

    Dan Shanoff is a slobbering idiot. I say this as a dyed-in-the-wool Gator.

  3. Let's not be ridiculous here. There is no chance Tebow will sit on the sidelines as a QB coach. If he can walk, he will play.