Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tebow Injury Update: Levity Via EDSBS

The Tim Tebow concussion discussion has been extremely serious, since Saturday (has it only been 6 days?) -- EDSBS was out in front on just how serious the situation was.

But one of the joys of EDSBS is that Orson has a way of also being able to take issues of gravitas and find a little fun in them -- almost an antidote to the mostly maudlin commentary.

Thus: The EDSBS Tim Tebow Concussion Watch, which features a scale of lucidity that ranges from Gary Busey, through Mr. Bill, Lou Holtz, Emmitt Smith, Matthew McConaghey, Malcolm Gladwell and, ultimately, the big blue guy from "Watchmen." In that order.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled maudlin hand-wringing...

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  1. Just discovered your blog and Orson's. Both good! I reposted his Tebow article at The Troll Report and it motivated me to learn more about concussions.

    My conclusion is that he should not play at LSU and that he SHOULD NOT be allowed to make the decision himself.