Monday, October 19, 2009

Tebow Heisman Watch: The Drive

The Heisman race is wide open. Thayer Evans of the New York Times mentioned that Saturday's game-winning drive against Arkansas may have been Tebow's Heisman moment.

Snatching victory from season-killing defeat would certainly qualify -- as was that sick 12-yard pass on 3rd-and-10 to Riley Cooper to put the Gators in position to kick game-winning FG. From Tebow:

We believe in ourselves. It was 20-20 and the defense made a stop. We had the momentum. We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt we could keep getting first downs and run down that clock and kick a field goal. We kept believing and fighting....

...The next thing you know, it's third-and-10 and we just had to believe in (Cooper) and that we'd get it done. I just remember throwing it and saying, 'Shoot, that (Arkansas defensive back) looks so close.' I thought it might be a pick six (interception return for a touchdown)....

...The next thing I knew, Coop just dove in front and I saw the sideline cheer. We had the catch. That was a great play by Coop. He had to fight and go get that.

It was a tough throw by Tebow -- far more game-defining than any of his 27 (27!) rushing attempts.

The drive itself featured 14 plays covering 69 yards, chewing up all but the last few seconds of the last 3 minutes of the game. Tebow accounted for 52 of those 69 yards -- 30 passing and 22 rushing.

Colt McCoy had a tough game against Oklahoma. Expect to see a lot of momentum behind Alabama RB Mark Ingram, who chewed up South Carolina in another solid performance.

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