Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tebow Gameday at LSU: Who Knows?

This has been the longest two weeks in the history of Florida football fandom. (At least it has been for me -- I'd be curious if anyone DIDN'T agree.)

I'm not even sure that the questions and concerns will be answered at 8 -- or post-game.

Whether the Gators win or lose -- with or without Tebow -- it doesn't solve the essential question: Is Tim Tebow 100 percent healthy?

Will we cringe every time he plunges up the gut -- whether that is tonight or next week or next month? Or, at this point, are his chances of another concussion no greater than anyone who has never had one?

Oh, sure, if Tebow leads the Gators to a win -- that's one scenario. If he plays and they lose, that's another. If Brantley leads the team to a W without Tebow -- that's another. If Brantley-led Florida loses -- that's the last biggest scenario.

Most of the extreme anticipation for tonight is that the outcome -- and how we get there -- is entirely unclear.

Over the past two weeks, I (and we) have dissected this as far as it will go. My feeling is that Florida can win the game without Tebow.

Maybe that is just projection: I am so nervous about Tebow's health that I don't WANT to see him out there tonight -- but I still obviously want a Gators win.

If he plays, I will be holding my breath with the rest of you. But I suspect that if Florida follows Meyer's Plan to Win -- if they rely on their all-world defense, special teams, O-line and short-game skill-position players like Demps and Hernandez -- they can win. They will win.

Even without Tebow.


  1. I agree. Florida can win without Tebow. Our back up quarterback would be a starter on any other team. Also, it's a much bigger and important statement for us to make if we win without Tebow. Its a chance to get into the heads of our future opponents and that will pay dividends in the future. My prediction is they won't start him and they'll keep LSU guessing on when they throw him in. But i'd rather only see him play if things get really bad out there on the field.

  2. I'm not nervous about the game, but like you wrote, i'm very nervous about Tebow. I hope he only plays, and only lets himself play if he's 100%. I think Meyer would make the right decision, so we'll roll with that whatever it is, but rest assured i will be holding my breath a lot!