Monday, October 26, 2009

Tebow Called Out By Sentinel's Bianchi

"[Tim Tebow] is my choice for Dud of the Week. Not only did he play the worst game of his career... he stiffed the media for the first time in his career. Disappointing to see a player who has been so classy and reaped so much positive media attention blow off his genuflecting media when times get a little rocky. Bad form. Very bad form."

-- Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi, on Tim Tebow's missing media appearance on Saturday night.

To build on Bianchi's point: Tebow's greatest quality has always been his leadership, and it felt a little awkward -- even immature -- for him to avoid making himself accountable for the offense in front of the media. Maybe Tebow was THAT ticked off -- not sure that's a good enough excuse.

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  1. I understand the media's constant desire to know everything and anything, and to be the "ones" who "make" someone as well as be the "ones" to break them apart, but if Tim doesn't want to talk, he doesn't want to talk. He may have been so upset or frustrated that he felt that he may say something he would regret. If he had done that, that would have been more detrimental to the ideal of being the epitomy of leadership and a true team player. Note - he is human and a college student athelete. We need to be careful not to cross the line between admiration and worship or putting him on a pedestal awaiting his dissent of our athletes. Otherwise, we will always be disappointed when the act human.