Monday, October 19, 2009

More On Tebow-Heavy Tebow Game-Plan

Following up the post below, check out the latest from the PBP's Ben Volin, also going into the use -- or overuse -- of Tebow pulling the ball down and running (or being called to run).

Includes some great stat analysis: Tebow is on pace to set career-high in carries... thanks to Tebow, Florida is No. 1 in the SEC in 3rd-down conversions... His pass-rush ratio is very close to 1:1.

The post synthesizes some things that Urban Meyer said about it -- plus adds some interesting insights from Gary Danielson, who basically says: "Do what you gotta do."


  1. So much for the "game manager" theory.. Tebow accounted for over 70% of the Gators offense last saturday... And even with him dominating the team still wasn't good enough to win very easily.

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  3. I have kind of a weird theory about why the Gators offense might seem so conservative.

    Imagine what it must be like for Tebow and the Gators offense to be practicing against the Gators defense so much... do you think this could be a reason why Tebow might be trigger shy when passing -- because he is used to facing the best defense in the league in practice constantly?

    And the Gators defense also knows the Gators offense better than anyone so it would make them even tougher to play against.

    This could give Tebow a serious inferiority complex about his receivers and their ability to beat their man and this would cause you to forget that all defenses aren't like the Gators.
    You would be conditioned to be over-cautious.

    Is there some way the Gators coaches might try to prevent this? Some way to make things a little more realistic for the Gators offense? The good thing though is that the Gators D likely hones the Gators offense to a razor's edge when it comes to efficiency. Sadly the pollsters don't care about that so much.. like Heisman voters they only notice gaudy stats.