Thursday, October 8, 2009

Media Tebow LSU Picks: A Cop-Out, Then Redemption

I really am a big fan of Robbie Andreu's work as the Gators reporter for the Gainesville Sun. But it is a cop-out for him to lead his LSU prediction post with this:
One thing I’m not going to predict is whether Tim Tebow starts Saturday night. Let’s just say I won’t be shocked if he does, I won’t be shocked if he doesn’t.
Way to take a stand. You know the topic as well as anyone, but won't provide an educated guess? Who cares if you're wrong? Will you lose your job? No. Will Meyer not talk with you? No.

And I'm not even concerned with whether Andreu thinks Tebow will START -- in fact, I don't think anyone thinks that. I want to know if Andreu thinks Tebow will PLAY... at all.

I don't think it's too much to ask the hometown beat reporter to offer up a prediction -- or at least some dogged connect-the-dots reporting of the between-the-lines coachspeak that would give us some insights into which way he thinks the coaches and medical staff are leaning -- on this. If he isn't going to make a prediction, he should at least point readers to the relevant evidence that will help them make their OWN prediction.

Robbie redeems himself with what comes next, which echoes something I've been saying for two weeks:
But I will predict this: the Gators are good enough to win this game without Tebow. They’re better on both lines of scrimmage than LSU, they’re better on defense, they’re better on special teams.
Amen to that. And he seconds my take that Meyer's "Plan to Win" has never been about Tebow exclusively, but areas of the game where the Gators can excel -- with or without Tebow:

Meyer’s plan to win will be in full effect for this one. That means play strong defense, take care of the football, score in the red zone, win special teams and the battle for field position.

Most of all, I love that he agrees with my opinion that the Gators will win the game:
So, here’s the prediction. It won’t be pretty (unless you really love defensive football), but the Gators will have enough to get it done no matter who starts at quarterback: Florida 24, LSU 21.
Read the whole thing -- while the opening frustrated me, Andreu's analysis is nuanced and dead-on. And I'm not just saying that because I've been spouting similar theories all week.

My official game prediction is coming tomorrow. If you've been keeping up here, it won't surprise you.


  1. I honestly think Meyer has KNOWN Tebow is going to play in this LSU game since Tebow stopped having headaches, I think all this extra-cautious talk from Meyer about not knowing if Tebow will play is simply posturing for the media. Meyer probably knows as much about concussions as the doctors that are looking after Tebow considering Meyer ha been coaching so many years. He knows that players get concussions all the time and they had 2 weeks and Tebow's concussion was not that severe.

    The main reason I believe this is because of the way Meyer has played Tebow his whole college career. Meyer has let Tebow play like Tebow.. in fact he even encourages it. I think this is something that most people don't consider about coaching Tebow -- it takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to let him play the way he does. I think most coaches might not let Tebow do it. And the reality is that if Tebow is healed it doesn't matter if Meyer lets him play now or next week. The risk is the same. So if Meyer does sit Tebow it is likely more about being afraid of how the media and fans will react Meyer letting him play than the ramifications of letting him play. Bottom line is that Tebow is going to have to come back at some point and the concerns will be the same then as they are now... and Meyer has shown he's not shy about Tebow being put at risk.

  2. Right, because there hasn't been ENOUGH irresponsible and masturbatory speculation about whether Tebow will play Saturday.

    Our understanding is totally incomplete without Robbie Andreu making some shit up, just like you and everyone else have been doing non-stop from the instant Tebow went down in Lexington.

    Showing a little restraint and backbone by not jumping on the "I'm a blogger/neurologist" bandwagon is not a cop-out, Dan.

    But then, why would anyone think you could recognize the difference?