Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Maybe Tebow Will Play, Maybe He Won't
(But Ideal Will Be "Win Without Tebow")

Tim Tebow may or may not play against LSU. And that is exactly what Urban Meyer is preparing for. Here is the latest quote from Meyer:

"We’re game-planning as if there’s a chance Tim could play, and there’s a chance he won’t play. And that’s going to be pretty much the response until the foot hits the ball."

Per Volin:
Meyer said on Wednesday that he "absolutely" will err on the side of caution with Tebow, and acknowledged that he may sit out his Heisman-winning quarterback even if he is cleared to play.
And here's an immensely helpful guide from the Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler, laying out the pros and cons of using Tebow versus John Brantley.

For me, there's only one factor for Tebow: Risk of further injury, with a related secondary point that after being out for 10 days, he won't be able to perform like he is accustomed to -- to tie it to the first point, he won't be able to help himself, and he will put himself in a position for further injury.

I think that Urban Meyer won't play Tebow, although there is an extreme case where he might: If the game is close and Brantley has proven utterly ineffective -- the score is 0-0 or 3-3 or 6-6 (with Brantley-triggered turnovers like fumbles or INTs) and a handful of possessions by Tebow might be the difference between winning and losing.

But (a) I don't think even that will sway Meyer to play Tebow, and (b) I don't think Brantley will struggle. Even if he can't score TDs, I think the defense and special teams could put up 14 points by themselves (not counting FGs), easing the burden on Brantley -- the defense will hold LSU in check. And if the game is a blowout -- either way -- Meyer won't play Tebow.

20 points can win the game for Florida -- there are plenty of ways to get there, without Tebow.

Meyer's ideal game plan will be to scrape out a win...without Tebow.

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  1. Dan, your constant amateur doctoring about "risk of further injury" is getting to look pretty foolish. If Tebow is not still having symptoms, it makes little difference in terms of risk whether he plays this week, against Arkansas, or not at all for the rest of the season.

    See this quote from one of the five neurologists treating Tebow:

    “Once someone is fully recovered, the risk is not significantly different whether they return in two weeks after the concussion or one month," Miller said. “The issue is anybody who has had a concussion has increased risk whether it’s 10 days after or six months after."

    So in light of this quote, which makes it clear that Tebow will never again measure up to your standard of "100% recovered," are you going to start loudly advocating that he never play football again?