Monday, October 26, 2009

The Low Point of Tim Tebow's Career

In my latest Tebow-related column for Yahoo's Dr. Saturday, I make the case that Saturday was the low point of Tebow's career.

But it wasn't for anything that happened on the field -- but off of it, when he skipped out on talking about the game with the media.

Consider that "The Promise" was the single most memorable highlight of Tim Tebow's career -- and it was made under conditions far more stressful than the ones on Saturday night. What happened in Starkville was the opposite of The Promise.

If nothing else, Tebow is the greatest leader in the history of college football -- as that great leader, he owed it to his team, his fans and his media to talk about the game, even if he wasn't happy with his performance in it.

If it was good enough for a loss to Ole Miss, it should be good enough for a win over Mississippi State.

Read the whole thing here.

UPDATE: Here's what Tebow said about missing the media session, from his media session today (the OS's Jeremy Fowler sounds dubious):

"There was a lot of other things I wanted to do. Not that this isn’t important. I’ve always been very courteous to do that. And I’m sorry I didn’t see y'all. But I wanted to see coach (Dan) Mullen. I wanted to go see my family, I had a lot of friends at the game…We were in meetings for a little bit after the game there talking. It’s not like we got out quickly either."


  1. Dan, how can you blame Tebow for skipping the press conference (which, by the way, he not obligated to attend..this isn't the NFL) without knowing if he was actually the one who made the decision. Based on what I heard from Urban Meyer after the game, I would not be at all surprised if he was the one that told Tebow not to talk to the press.

  2. Tebow doesn't owe anyone a press conference after the games. If he wants to spend the time with Mullen and family, that's his right. And even if he simply wanted some space after the game, he has that right too, but I'm not sure where anyone has the right of accusing Tim of lying. He talked about it the next day, and that's good enough. I think it's silly how his not doing a press conference is treated like he did something wrong; Almost on par with his saying something inappropriate at a press conference. The public or media do not own him. He's a human being, and he's entitled to meet needs that are important to him, for whatever reason. Maybe I'm naive about the protocol around access to athletes, but this sounds like an entitled media issue to me. It's one thing if your a professional and this is your job, but these are college students. And if anyone's earned the right to take a breather or too, Tim has. He's given the media plenty, and there are plenty of other players who can be interviewed. Putting myself in his shoes, I imagine it isn't easy always bearing one's soul like he does. And he does this every time. That's what made "The Promise" special. But does he have to share every difficult moment he has with the public? I don't think so.

    Also, Brandon Spikes didn't participate in the SEC media days due to anxiety around public speaking. And not that I've searched, but I haven't seen him give any interviews. I think that's fine too. Again, these guys give plenty. Let's allow them to be human.

  3. We don't even know if Tebow is injured or not.. he could have been in pain after that game.. I bet the Gators keep a lot of stuff in house to protect Tebow physically. Last season his shoulder was injured the whole year and they never said anything.