Friday, October 9, 2009

Latest Report: Tebow "Definitely" Will Play (Updated)

So there's an unconfirmed report that Tebow will "definitely" play tomorrow night. (I'm sorry: The report says he will definitely START. Give me a break.)

I'm skeptical -- what if Florida is winning decisively... what's the point of playing Tebow? (Let alone STARTING him?)

Further, what's the point of announcing with ANY certainty that Tebow will play? Why put pressure on the coaches to follow through, even in the event the context to play isn't right?

This also seems out of character for Meyer's normally tight-lipped coaching staff. I have a hard time believing that they would selectively leak to a local TV reporter.

In the end, something like "he will definitely play" sounds more like someone's idea of wishful thinking than reality.

I'm not saying he WON'T play. I still think that Florida will be executing well enough that Tebow won't NEED to play, that Meyer won't need to risk playing him unnecessarily.

It is possible that necessity will raise itself. But I'm not quite sure I see the logic in playing Tebow just for the sake of giving him a couple of snaps in what should be a game Florida can control.


UPDATE: Saurian Sagacity with a terrific point -- folks were saying "definitely" about Percy Harvin before the SEC Championship Game last year. So it's likely either wishful thinking, bad sourcing or intentional disinformation (um, "gamesmanship.")

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