Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is Tim Tebow Having Any Fun?

The bloggers at Tebow's Eye-Black ask the question: "Where is Tebow's smile?"

It sounds hokey, but it might be the biggest question of the season, because it seems like it captures everything that has happened over the last month -- which, let's be honest, is NOT how anyone thought it would go.

The concussion.
The stats. (Worse than Christian Ponder!)
The red-zone troubles.
The skepticism.
The questions.

You get the sense that Tebow's faith in himself -- and, frankly, things larger than football -- is so great that while he might be temporarily frustrated, he is not down.

I would like to think it was his fiery competitiveness that kept him from the post-game media scrum last Saturday -- he just cares that much that he couldn't talk about the game.

I also think it would have looked odd if he was smiling throughout the game -- particularly after the tough interceptions. (He was, presumably, smiling widely after the wins.)

Forget the individual honors. Forget the stats. Forget the superlatives or Tebow's place in history.

As long as Florida keeps winning, Tebow will find a reason to keep smiling.

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