Tuesday, October 6, 2009

EDSBS Strategies for Tebow vs. LSU

Another great Tebow-related post from EDSBS with a mix of serious and hilarious strategies that Florida might employ if/when they put Tim Tebow in the game -- that's obviously the assumption made in his post. I'm still not convinced.

Of the "serious" strategies, the most likely would be the RunRunRunRunRun option, combined with the "max protect" option. The least likely seems to be the Oklahoma/Texas Tech pass-so-much-and-so-quickly-you-never-get-touched. The one I like the best is breaking out the Haden-led Wildcat-ish formation every half-dozen snaps.

Of the hilarious strategies, I really like the idea of just putting him in the red jersey and hope LSU gets confused.

With Brantley or Tebow, I think it looks a lot like the offense in 2005 and 2006 when Chris Leak was having trouble -- my question: Who plays the "2006 Tebow" single-wing specialist role? Joe Haden? One of the RBs? Remains to be seen.

BTW: No one does the mixture of inspired analysis and funny like Orson. If you like his schtick -- or mine, for that matter -- you can catch us both in Las Vegas next week at the Blogs With Balls conference. Cheap tickets still available!

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