Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tracking "Tim Tebow Is Down" Meme

Via EDSBS, from Orson's "Truths Only Applicable Heading Into Week 4" list:

3. Tim Tebow is down. Meme strength: Variable. One mediocre game at Tennessee and suddenly he’s ritually unclean. The strength of the idea varies depending how close you are to Florida, with strength increasing in direct proximity to Athens, Knoxville, and Tuscaloosa. He’s healthy, fine, and made errors in a game where he otherwise came in just a bit below his numbers from the previous year’s games. He is ranked 91st in the nation in passing right now, true. Cody Hawkins is tenth. Go ahead and feel free to switch them out if you like. Please, be our guest. We’re waiting.

/whistles, reminds self of small sample sizes and their distortions.

/suggests you stay at blackjack table another hour and see how it goes!

Urban Meyer would argue that Tim Tebow is up -- way up! Best game ever! Seriously: Meyer would like to remind everyone that Deonte Thompson was out and both Jeff Demps and Aaron Hernandez were battling the flu. Oh, and Monte Kiffin is pretty good at his job.

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