Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today: Time For YOUR Tebow Analysis

I have spent the past 7 weeks charging through all things Tebow, offering my own analysis and building on the most interesting Tebow talk that is out there. Now, the Wednesday before the season opener feels like a great moment to get YOUR take on Tebow's upcoming season.

*What are your expectations?
*What are you most looking forward to?
*What is your best-case scenario? What do you fear?
*What Tebow storylines will you most be keeping an eye on?

Use the comments to weigh in or shoot me an email -- I will be happy to publish them. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!


  1. Expectations: Like almost everyone else I think Tebow and the Gators can go undefeated. Not sure if he will win the Heisman given that he will probably play only the first half and small amount of the third quarter the in the first two games and again when they play FIU in November.

    Looking forward to: Tebow clobbering the Volunteers and Georgia and throwing one last jump pass against LSU for the win.

    Best Case Scenario: Tebow and the Gators run the table as wire to wire No. 1 and then smack Texas or USC in the mouth on Jan 7 and Tebow becomes the second man to win the Heisman twice.

    Fear: A season ending injury in one of the first three games.

    Tebow storylines: Will we see Tebow throwing for +30 TD's and running for +20.

  2. Excited, edge of your seat, kid at Christmas kind of excited.

    Scared that we haven't been good enough for Santa to show up with the goods or that our favorite toy will turn out to be overhyped plastic. Or worse, that it will be the greatest toy ever, but break before the end of the season.

    The anticipation is killing me.

    Of course the other thing to fear is that they will stomp Texas in the championship and here deep in the heart of Texas, this will not win us many friends. GBT (God Bless Tebow)

  3. I'm most excited to see Tebow on Senior Day. It will be an emotional and powerful ceremony for Tebow and the other seniors.

  4. I feel like 3rd and long could make or break the Gators' season. With such a stout defense and amazing special teams, it seems like to lose a game the offense will have to mess up a lot and give the ball to the other team with good field position.

    Scenario: On first down from the Gator 25, Tebow completes a 15-yard pass to Hernandez, but the play is called back for offensive holding, bringing up 1st & 20 from the Gator 15. A couple of Tebow rushes gets the Gators to 3rd and 9. On third down, with his receivers covered, will Tebow a)Throw it away and resolve to punt, b)Try to thread the ball to a covered receiver, or c)Take off running and try to pick up the first down?

    As a Gator fan I'd prefer to see more of option a, less of option c, and none of option b. Sure, we may miss out on some spectacular Tebow moments, but I want the Gators to win a national championship and they are guaranteed to accomplish that if they win every game. While Tebow hardly throws INTs, I worry that he'll try to do too much with his arm when the smart move might be to throw it away, punt the ball, and let your defense do what they do. And I also worry about the beating his body may take over the course of the season if he tries to do too much with his legs like he did during the 2007 campaign.

    The Gators don't need to blow out every team. They just need to win. And sometimes the best way to get a W is to let your all-world defense do their thing and keep offensive mistakes to a minimum. I think Tebow is a relatively head-smart QB, but his competitive nature could prove to be a thorn in his (and the Gators') side if he loses sight of the real goal just to pick up a 3rd and long.