Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tim Tebow 2009 as Tommie Frazier 1994?

Credit EDSBS for being first-to-market with a timely (and satisfying) comparison between the situation faced by Tim Tebow and Florida in 2009 with Tommie Frazier and Nebraska in 1994.

Both were the presumptive favorites to win the national title. Both QBs were considered the best at their position in the country (at the time, we didn't yet know Frazier was an all-time great). Both went to relatively untested backups to fill in some unknown number of weeks.

Brook Berringer and John Brantley aren't a precise match -- Berringer was a year older, running the same system as Frazier. Brantley would run a modified spread, not unlike Meyer used at Utah.

(Meyer and Co. keep talking about the '05 -- even '06 -- offense under the direction of Leak. I see a couple of differences: Brantley has a much better arm and a relatively better running ability than Leak. The Florida RBs in '09 are sick compared to '05. My big question: When will Meyer talk about the player who will serve in the same role for Brantley that Tebow did for Leak: The short-yardage "single-wing" specialist -- Joe Haden? Demps or Rainey? Jordan Reed?)

Anyway: The EDSBS Tebow-Frazier/Brantley-Berringer post is worth your read.


  1. I think you are heavily overrating the Gators runners outside of Tebow, Dan. It's Tebow's freakish abilities that makes those runnners look so good. There are many games where Tbow's runners have disappeared such as the SEC championship against Alabama, the national championship game against OU and even this recent game against Tennessee. I think they can be explosive because they are so fast.. but only because Tebow takes so much pressure off them. This is why if you take Tebow out of the offense it will change very fast for his backup.

  2. One thing I wonder about is if Tebow was a great runningback, and had this same injury, how might this situation be treated? Would people say Meyer has to be careful with him when he comes back? Would he stay out longer? Is there any analogous situation where a running back had a similar injury?