Friday, September 4, 2009

Tebow Tailgate: Tebow Across The Eras (via Clay Travis)

Can't sit still waiting for tomorrow night? Dig into this terrific column by Fanhouse's Clay Travis (see? I'm not a Fanhouse hater) that intriguingly inserts Tebow into college football throughout the historical decades. Think "Quantum Leap" meets "College GameDay."

My essential takeaway from Travis' point: Tim Tebow's success is a product of his era -- a confluence of offensive innovation, the right coach (and right surrounding talent) and, to me the most important thing, the proliferation of media platforms that ensure that Tebow coverage is at saturation level.

Anyway, a great think piece by Travis, who is a huge Tennessee fan (his new book is a must-read and you can get it here), but represents the wing of non-Florida fans (even Florida rivals) who recognize Tebow's place in history -- I actually came up with "begrudging respect" to describe these folks, because I was inspired by Clay.

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