Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tebow Season-Opener in Review: Warm-Up

Tim Tebow's season-opener -- his final season-opener for Florida -- felt more like an exhibition game, thanks to the early exit. Let's review:

Passing: 15 pass attempts, 10 completions.
188 yards (12.5 yards-per-attempt)
1 TD (to Aaron Hernandez), 0 INT
Rushing: 2 carries, 1 yard, 1 TD.

He was on the field for a grand total of 25 plays and a little less than 7 minutes.

Loved that he showed the arm strength right off the bat -- take that, NFL scouts -- with that 68-yard bomb to Riley Cooper (Tebow's favorite target of the night). He had a chance at another -- and another passing TD -- but Deonte Thompson dropped a sure catch.

He also earned a rushing TD -- "20/20" anyone? -- with that 1-yard push early in the 2nd quarter. Presumably, he would have gotten an extra series if not for Brandon James' kickoff return for a TD -- who won't take that?

The dismantling of Charleston Southern gave this the feel of an NFL preseason game -- the stars were done before the 1st half was over.

It was a mere flash of Tebow's command of the offense -- and his skill-set throwing short, deep and on consecutive plays, as well as his abilities inside the 5-yard-line.

Presumably, we will see a little bit more next week versus Troy before we see something akin to "Tebow Unleashed" versus Tennessee.

All in all, not much more you could ask from Tebow in a cupcake of a game. Let's give Tebow the last word, and I think his professionalized account summarizes that the game was like a minor business trip, rather than any sort of emotional win:

"The team played well, everyone played hard and we executed pretty well. It wasn’t perfect and
we need to improve, but we’re always going to be looking to improve. Guys stepped up and
made plays so it was a good day."

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  1. As someone who was there: Tebow's bomb to Cooper was underthrown, and by at least five yards. Against an SEC secondary, it could easily have been picked; against an NFL secondary, certainly.

    He showed zip on underneath throws (the one to Hernandez for the TD was excellent), but was not as sharp as he was at the end of last year (well, duh) and not particularly impressive, to me.

    You making it to Gainesville for any games this year?