Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tebow Remainders: Links from Thursday

Random Tebow-related links from throughout the day (my commentary below each).

*Tebow taking snaps under center, to improve his NFL stock
(Washington Post)

You know how I feel about this: Tebow taking even as many as a half-dozen "under-center" snaps in game situations -- only to hand the ball off to Moody or another I-formation RB -- won't prove anything to NFL scouts. That will come during pre-draft workouts and evaluations. He will have to work on it, but it is nothing that CAN'T be honed. And not necessary to showcase until then.

*Tim Tebow on a mission (Miami Herald)

Mostly your standard "Tebow/Gators going for history" take. Nothing you haven't seen or read before, but it's always fun to reinforce the storyline. For top-notch Herald coverage of Tebow and the Gators, your best bet remains Jo Goodman, via beat reporting and his Gator Clause blog.

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