Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tebow Injury Update: Tuesday Afternoon

Keeping up with the latest Tebow health-related news and opinion from this afternoon...

*Tebow was not expected to be at today's practice -- or, you'd hope, any this week. (Sentinel's Fowler)

*Tebow's concussion was the 1st of his career (ESPN.com's Schad)

*Stop equating "toughness" with coming back from a concussion. (PB Post's Volin)

*Interesting take on the "Don't Play Tebow vs. LSU" story from the Miami Herald's Goodman.

Goodman argues that not only is there more to be lost than gained by risking Tebow's health, he also argues that 1-loss Florida is still in a BCS pole position -- that's a risky bet. (Although Goodman argues that Florida might still beat LSU without Tebow.)

I prefer my own theory, which I'll have an expanded post about tomorrow, and I'll go one farther than Goodman:

Florida can and will beat LSU without Tebow -- without a concussion-recovering Tebow, I should say. John Brantley, the defense, the RBs and the special teams will be more than enough.


  1. Don't forget: Haden has practised taking snaps in the single-wing, and could be a good backup for Brantley.

    Tebow: Leak :: Haden: Brantley?

    "So there has been a lot of talk about Tim Tebow earning his NFL keep at QB by playing the "Wildcat" (aka single-wing) role in the pros.

    Urban Meyer flipped that: Tebow may be the starter, but Joe Haden is getting "Wildcat" snaps for the Gators on the second day of practice."

  2. I hope that Tim is ok... I just know he'll be back and better than ever... can't keep superman down!

    I found some more info on his Tebow's Injury here: