Monday, September 28, 2009

Tebow Injury Update: Meyer Bullish for LSU
"I Think So, But I Don't Know That"

Today's biggest headline: Urban Meyer said he thinks that Tim Tebow will play against LSU.

Meyer on Tebow playing against LSU: "I think so, but I don't know that."

Let's be clear: Meyer THINKS Tebow will play, but doesn't know decisively...yet.

This is less than 48 hours after Tebow suffered the concussion. At the very least, you would hope for a "Let's wait and see." But it certainly offers a glimpse into Meyer's state of mind. If they are already floating the idea now, 13 days away, it can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here was a money quote: "Our medical and athletic training staff will continue to monitor Tim and evaluate how much rest and recovery he needs." It is opaque -- necessarily so.

Get the best of the Meyer Q&A here
. (via Volin at the PB Post)

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  1. I wonder if Tebow was more affected by a really bad stinger rather than a concussion. I remember a play in the playoffs with Malik Rose of the San Antonio Spurs, I believe it was.. it was IDENTICAL to what happened to Tebow.. only Rose had no helmet. But he took the exact same kind of shot to his neck. He said he felt paralyzed for awhile and it was really scary but is was just a stinger which is like a shock to the nervous system. And when it's on your neck it spreads to all his limbs. Seeing Tebow shrugging his shoulders after wards really made it seem like this.


    Rose’s performance was a far cry from Game 1, when he had more fouls (five) than points (three) and wound up hobbling to the locker room late in the game with a painful back stinger.

    "It was like hitting your funny bone," Rose said about the injury, in which he got kneed in the back of the head by Mavs forward Eduardo Najera then got trampled by Nowitzki seconds later as he lay prone on the floor. "I lost feeling in both arms for a minute."