Monday, September 21, 2009

"Tebow Factor" via Yahoo's Wetzel

It felt like the top 3 heavyweights of college football media descended on Gainesville this past weekend for Florida-Tennessee: The New York Times' Pete Thamel. Yahoo's Dan Wetzel.'s Pat Forde. Plus AOL's Jay Mariotti and CBSSports's Dennis Dodd. (And don't forget that guy Dan Shanoff, not in the press box, but with a brief cameo on the high-def Jumbotron!)

Wetzel's take just came out, and it was worth the wait: "The Tebow Factor."

Money quote 1:

Yet thanks to a lack of other game-breaking players, never before has Tebow meant so much to Florida. And thanks to what Monte Kiffin game-planned Saturday, essentially making Tebow more of a running back than a quarterback, Florida’s fate may come down to a simple question.

How much punishment can Tim Tebow take before he breaks?

Money quote 2:

Monte Kiffin had watched every snap Tebow took the past two years in building the game plan against him. One of the hopes was by forcing him to run the ball, repeated contact with the Vols’ physical defenders would wear him out.

It was the one thing Tennessee underestimated.

And, the kicker, money quote 3:

And that’s the issue. How many of those collisions can Tebow stand? How many SEC linebackers does it take to wear him down? Was 24 carries an aberration, or the reality of the UF offense?

Tebow knows only one way to play – head down, shoulder first, full blast. That unique style, fullback in quarterback clothing, has served him and the Gators well.

The whole thing is worth your time. Wetzel is one of the top college football (and basketball) columnists in the country, and he nails it about Tebow.

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  1. The thing is... how many teams have defenses as good as Tennessee? This is why it won't be as big a issue throughout the season. Look at the year Tebow won the Heisman. He had to carry even more of a load because the Gators defense was so horrifically bad. Tebow not only had to outscore the opposing defense all by himself.. but he also had to outscore his OWN defense because they gave up so many points. And it was their secondary that was terrible making issues even worse.

    If Tebow's defense can be excellent to great then it allows th Gators to GRIND games out every easily because Tebow can dominate and score at will when necessary. All they have to do is get a touchdown or 2 up and run the clock out too. That's really what the Gators were doing in this last game. They got up and they could run clock out too. This is why the Vols running time off the clock actually helped Tebow and the Gators rather than hurting them.

    I am actually more worried about the Gators little runningbacks holding up than Tebow. But that's what makes Tebow so special.. he makes those little speedy backs work because of all the attention he draws. I hope the NFL team he goes to realizes that. They should stock up on all different kinds of runningbacks to pair with Tebow -- big strong guys and little speedy finesse guys. They can all play off Tebow. A Pat White would be a great running back to play off Tebow too. I think this is the key to the future of football. Versatility at every position. Tebow hismelf exemplifies that.