Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tebow Extends HeismanPundit Poll Lead

As I chuckle over people mocking Lane Kiffin for calling this Florida team potentially the best team ever -- I may mock Kiffin, but I agree with him on this team's potential -- Tim Tebow has extended his lead in the latest HeismanPundit straw poll, collecting 9 out of 13 first-place votes. Colt McCoy is in 2nd; Jahvid Best is in 3rd. Nice to see Houston's Case Keenum get into the Top 5 after leading UH to a win over Oklahoma State.

With this Saturday's expected dominance from Tebow, the lead should only extend next week.

For the record, Kiffin described Florida like this: "...the best team in the country -- possibly the best team ever to play."

It seems ludicrous to talk about "best ever" now -- just ask USC fans in 2005 what they were saying about their team in mid-September of that season... -- but, at the very least, all the pieces are there (offense, defense, special teams, coaching, star wattage) to be in the argument, should they run the table. "Should they" remains a big "if."

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