Monday, September 7, 2009

Tebow and Bradford: A Cautionary Tale

Is there a Tebow lesson to be learned from what happened this weekend to Sam Bradford?

Sort of.

First: Injuries happen. Said Tebow of Bradford: ""I would try to play through anything," but "if you can't play, you can't play." That is obviously a nightmare scenario for Tebow fans -- if not Florida's national-title chances (I'll contend that Florida is so good they could run the table with Brantley; they're just that much better with Tebow.)

Second: One loss. That's all it takes for a national-title contender to lose their shot. You could argue that Oklahoma is in no worse of a position than Florida was after losing at home to Ole Miss a year ago, but: (a) that loss was way more fluky than Oklahoma's; (b) Florida lost to a near-BCS-bowl-quality team; BYU is a non-BCS team (although that's unfair, as BYU is very very good); (c) Florida could still rally to win the SEC title; Oklahoma ain't beating Texas. Besides: There will be at least two unbeaten teams when the season is over -- if your team ain't one of 'em, you've got no shot.

Florida was in no danger of losing last week -- they won't be next week. They may not be for a few weeks, if at all. But Oklahoma's loss -- and Sam Bradford's injury -- were a cautionary tale.

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