Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Should Tim Tebow Play Against LSU?

My latest Yahoo Dr. Saturday column is up, and I have foreshadowed the topic all day:

Should Tim Tebow play against LSU?

It's not a question of CAN he play. It's not a question of WILL he play. The real question is:

SHOULD he play?

My answer: No. Not enough recovery time, not enough known about concussion injuries. Too much risk, both short- and long-term. Oh, and Florida can beat LSU at LSU without him.

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  1. I think the writing is on the wall. If Tebow can't even watch TV or read (aka STUDY FILM) then he won't play. In Urban I trust. Get Brantly ready to go and go back to that offense of 2006. Wasn't a problem that year.

  2. Part of me doesn't want him to play so he can avoid injury (or further injury), but my gut says that he'll play and he'll have that "Heisman moment" and the legend of Tebow will only get greater.

  3. I appreciate the article and your entire blog, but I think you are setting up one of those straw men like you pointed out from another sports writer. You are starting from a faulty assumption that Tebow can't possibly be good-to-go by gametime. You counting him out is just as absurd as someone else counting him in at this point in the process. While Tebow isn't really Superman, I would still venture to guess that he may recover faster or differently than even your typical high-level player. We don't have any reason to think that the coaches, doctors, and parents of Tim don't have his best interests in mind and are going to do the right thing (only to be second-guessed and criticized by thousands who don't know a fraction of what they do about the situation).

  4. The medical staff at UF have seen plenty of concussions and I'm sure are consulting with other experts as needed. Your point that the Gators can probably beat LSU without Tebow takes much of the pressure out of the situation and gives even more reason to expect that the doctors and coaches will make the right decision. So I disagree that the question is "Should he play?" The real question is still "Can he?" and if he can, then by all means, he should.

  5. What is the magical signpost that is supposed to show up to say that he is OK to play? Dan says 2 weeks is too soon. Ok. How will we know 3 weeks isn't too soon. 4 weeks... more. If he had a press conference with his parents on Friday before the LSU game and said he is quitting football who could say that isn't the right idea? With all due respect none of us who aren't part of Tim's medical team have a clue when that right time to come back is. If you want to make the point that we shouldn't let our hopes and expectations push him back early..I wholeheartedly agree. But I just don't see what good setting an arbitrary standard is in this situation. In some of the commentary (not yours Dan) there is just a hint of pious "Florida should suffer for their sins" and "Florida had it coming in how they let him take hits".