Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bonzai! Tebow's New On-Field Catch-Phrase

"I think Tim is good at it."

That's Urban Meyer, asked yesterday why he installed Florida's brand-spanking new hurry-up offense package, code-named "Bonzai" and unveiled on Saturday night.

When fans watched Oklahoma's offense last year -- or even back to its origins, when Northwestern ran it back at the turn of the decade (which was supremely influential on Meyer) -- they probably said: "Why doesn't my team do that?"

I would argue that went double for Florida: With so much returning experience -- particularly Tim Tebow at QB -- there is no reason Florida's mastery of its offense can't lead to a hurry-up offense.

This gibes with a core Urban Meyer philosophy: A successful offense runs a ton of plays; it was a big reason he balked at the new clock rules a year ago -- less time on the clock, less time to produce offensive plays, less opportunities to score.

More Meyer from yesterday: "The up-tempo and the two-minute drill were when we were at our best last week. I think we’re going to go more and more to that." Meyer promises much more, calling it the "tip of the iceberg." More like "tip of the spear."

Here was Tebow from yesterday's press conference, talking about the no-huddle:
I think it worked well. It's tough for a defense to get used to, especially when they don't know it's coming. It's something we've practiced, feel comfortable with and like to play. It gives us a different style to go play in... It's worked well whenever we used it in a game... I think our guys are getting used to it. We have different calls for it but "Bonzai" could be one of them. Bonzai is not the play, but it's to get them going.
Even if it's just a rallying cry, rather than the name of the play (or set of plays), I love the idea of Tebow screaming "Bonzai!" after a play is whistled dead, with the rest of the offense rushing up to the line to get a play off.

Last word to WR coach Billy Gonzalez: "It’s our offense, it’s what we do. It’s not something we’re just fiddling around with."

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