Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What Is G? Tebow, Says Clay Travis

Taking a brief break from Florida Media Day crazy.

I continue to be fascinated by Tennessee uber-fan Clay Travis's love-hate (but mostly, interestingly, "love") relationship with Tim Tebow.

He avoids the cliched -- and disingenuous -- opposing fans' weariness of Tebowmania. At worst, it is begrudging respect. Or is that... admiration?

I respect Clay for a lot of reasons, but on this particular topic, it is because he isn't afraid to express the idea: "Damn, I wish he was on MY team."

Clay linked to this YouTube mash-up from back in January set to the Gatorade "What is G?" advertisement, but featuring... well, you-know-who.

No, really: Buy Clay's new book. Doesn't matter that it is about Tennessee. If you love ANY college football team, you'll love this book.

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