Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome to Tebow World, Deadspin Fans!

There is nothing like being Deadspin's "DUAN" (Deadspin Up All Night) kick-off topic, as and I were last night. The headline is apt: "More Breaking: Blogger Has Crush On Tim Tebow" (by Dash Bennett, Deadspin's designated guy on the Tebow beat).

Deadspin readers are more than familiar with my fascination with Tebow:

*During the 2007 college football season, I wrote a weekly college football column for Deadspin, including this early-season post that ID'ed the breakthrough season Tebow was going to have. (Gotta love the Comments section on that...)

*Back in late October 2008, I put out an open invite to Tebow -- with his notable skills at circumcision -- to serve as the mohel at my son's bris. (There was a game conflict, among other things...) Deadspin weekend writer Josh Zerkle had some fun with that. (Again: It's the comments that add the flavor.)

And so my relationship with Deadspin readers and commenters -- certainly as it relates to Tebow -- is love-hate. Mostly hate.

But it's playful hate. (I'll have to dig into the Comments on that latest Deadspin post and re-publish the funniest ones.)

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