Friday, August 14, 2009

Vick on Eagles vs. Tebow in NFL

Let's pause from the "Tebirthday" celebration for a moment...

You knew there had to be a way I would fit Mike Vick joining the Eagles into Tim Tebow's NFL future. And here it is:

Fit matters.

Vick always felt like an awkward fit in the West Coast offense in Atlanta (despite the success); he will be in a similar WC offense in Philly.

There are other reasons that the fit is a good one -- McNabb's mentorship, stable team, stable coach, great (if crazy) fans -- but not necessarily because Andy Reid knows how to use Vick.

Similarly, we look at the career of Vince Young, wedged into Jeff Fisher's (incredibly successful) system, rather than built around VY's unique skills.

Tim Tebow's best shot for success in the NFL will come with a coach innovative enough to use Tebow innovatively -- in the single-wing or otherwise.

That is why, despite my general dislike of Boston sports, I would really like to see Tebow playing for Bill Belichick in New England; I think Belichick would unleash Tebow on the NFL.

A lot of teams will want to draft Tebow because he has something -- not the least of which is his toughness, character and history of winning.

(A lot of teams probably wanted to pursue Vick, although it wasn't for his character.)

The question is: Will Tebow end up with a team that can deploy him effectively, which really means innovatively.

Back to the "Tebirthday" celebration...

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