Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tim Tebow's Weakness

Today, the Orlando Sentinel's Matt Humphrey asks: Does Tim Tebow have a weakness?

Yahoo's Matt Hinton would probably argue that his "weakness" might be rush-ends pummeling him (see Ole Miss's defensive line last September -- or Michigan's D-line in January '08).

But it is very possible that since the Ole Miss debacle, Tebow (and the O-line) have gotten infinitely tougher about letting him get "gotten to."

In the same way that without the Ole Miss game, the team would not have found its mettle to make its run to the national title, perhaps that was the moment for Tebow to shore up that "weakness."

"Weakness" is probably the wrong word. I like Hinton's description of it as Florida's -- and not Tebow's -- "soft underbelly."

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