Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tim Tebow vs. Greg Paulus

What does Greg Paulus being named starting QB at Syracuse have to do with Tim Tebow? For that matter, what does Stephen Strasburg signing with the Nationals have to do with Tim Tebow?

As it relates to this season: Not much. (Although Paulus may have vaulted into the conversation about the Top 5 most intriguing QB storylines of the season, with Tebow, Snead, Masoli and Pryor. But that is for another post.)

But as it relates to Tebow's NFL future, I think it signals a lot.

Why would the Jaguars draft Tebow? His ability? Sure. But just as much for his marketability.

Consider what last night's news means:

Greg Paulus -- even as a freak show or marketing ploy -- makes Syracuse a topic of national discussion... even a must-see. And Syracuse is TERRIBLE.

Stephen Strasburg -- even as a once-every-five-days novelty -- makes the Nats a must-see every time he pitches. And the Nationals are TERRIBLE.

I said this in my morning post over at DanShanoff.com: If you're not going to be a winner -- a champion, frankly -- you better be interesting or intriguing or fascinating in some other way.

Paulus makes Syracuse interesting. Strasburg makes the Nationals interesting.

And if a cachet-less NFL team -- like the Jaguars -- drafts Tebow, he instantly makes them interesting.

And while "interesting" isn't as, um, interesting as "champion," it sure beats "irrelevant."

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