Friday, August 21, 2009

Tim Tebow vs. Daunte Culpepper

Inspired by the Tebow-vs.-Ward throwdown earlier this week, the Sentinel has polled fans for the best Heisman-winning and non-Heisman-winning QBs in the history of the state of Florida.

Now it comes down to Tebow versus... Daunte Culpepper. That's a pretty inspired choice for an opponent -- god, remember how good Culpepper was at his NFL peak? (Call that a "Tebow best-case.")

I think most fans would put the ultimate debate between Tebow and Danny Wuerffel -- but if Danny isn't even the best QB in Florida history anymore, it is only fair to bring in "the best of the rest." And that's Daunte.

Vote here. Kudos to the Sentinel for taking a slow-week meme and turning it into something fun.

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